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Welcome to Printing at Montgomery College

New Technology...Less Paper!

1. Make sure you’re inserting your print card correctly into the machine so that the card may be read by the kiosk.  Please also make sure that the card reader on the kiosk is functioning.  When properly functioning, the indicator light will be green. If the reader is temporarily out of service, the indicator light will be red.

2. If your print card is kept in close proximity of an iPhone, Blackberry, or other similar electronic devices, for extended periods, the print card can be demagnetized. When the card has been demagnetized, the kiosk will give an “unable to read” message when you attempt to pay for a print job.  Please also try to keep the magnetic strip on the print card from becoming scratched or badly scuffed.

3. To obtain a refund for the unused portion of a NON-WORKING card you may contact WEPA Support directly at 1-800-675-7639 or visit for 24 hour live chat.  Please have your non-working card available.  Refunds will be applied to your WEPA account for the unused amount remaining on your print card.  If you do not have a WEPA account, one will be created for you at the time of your call.

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