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Montgomery College Board of Trustees

Honorary Degrees

The Montgomery College Honorary Degree Program (Associate of Arts in Public Service) was approved and established by the Board of Trustees on October 16, 1995.  Through this program, the Board has the opportunity to recognize individuals who have risen to a position of eminence, have acquired a national or international reputation in a selected field, hold a distinguished record of public and community service, or have made a notable donation of time, talent, or gift to Montgomery College. Past honorary degree recipients are listed below.


Ms. Georgette "Gigi" Godwin
Mr. Kevin J. Sexton
Dr. Kenneth Weiner
Mr. Kojo Nnamdi*


Dr. Michael Lin
Mr. Eliot Pfanstiehl
Ms. Cokie Roberts*
Mr. Steven Roberts*                                                                
Ms. C. Marie Taylor


Ms. Judith Clark
Mr. Gustavo Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Adi and Iris Shmueli
The Honorable Valerie Ervin*


Mr. Norman Augustine* Ms. Nina Clarke
Mr. Ken Cook Ms. Sally Rudney


Dr. Wallace Loh* Mr. George Dang
Mr. J. Henry Montes Ms. Rebecca "Becky" Wagner


Dr. Hercules Pinkney* Mr. Charles Atwell
Ms. Suzan Jenkins Dr. Stewart Edelstein


Dr. Charlene Nunley* The Honorable Henry "Hank" B. Heller
Ms. Carol Trawick Mr. George B. Thomas


Ms. Suzanne Malveaux * Mr. Douglas Firstenberg
Dr. Karen Gruner Dr. Donald Day


The Honorable Constance Morella* Mr. J.W. Marriott
Mr. Richard Marriott Ms. Teresa R. Wright


Mr. Calvin Cafritz Ms. Bernice G. Grossman
The Honorable Ida Ruben Dr. Winifred King* (honorary degree received in 1998)


The Honorable Margaret Spellings* Mr. Donald Dworkin '62
Ms. Sarah Silberman Mr. Joshua Freeman


Ms. Judy Woodruff* Mr. Al Hunt*
Ms. Mary Jarvis Mr. Anthony Natelli^
Mr. Arthur P. Becker^  


Mr. Clifford M. Kendall  Mrs. Camille E. Kendall
Mr. Charles A. Lyons     Mr. H. Patrick Swygert*
Mr. Richard S. Will  


Dr. John W. Diggs^    The Honorable Hazel R. O'Leary*  
Mr. Thomas E. Ladd    Mr. Paul L. Peck


Ms. Esther Newman  The Rev. Dr. T. J. Baltimore, Sr.
Ms. Wendy Thompson*  


Mr. John J. Fitzgerald      Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III*
Mrs. Nesse Godin    Mr. Roscoe R. Nix


Dr. A. Lee Fritschler*   Reverend James C. Moone^
Mr. Gordon Macklin Mrs. Marilyn Macklin


Mr. Robert F. Costello III      Mr. Bernard I. Mills
Dr. Rex M. Ellis*   Dr. Robert E. Parilla
Mr. Joseph L. Herson   Dr. Paul L. Vance


Mrs. Ruth Y. Becker     Dr. Winifred King '76
Mr. Wallace H. Becker     Mr. Bob Levey*
Mr. Solomon Graham       Mr. Morgan Wootten


Mrs. Marian Wright Edelman*      Mrs. Betty Mae Kramer
Mrs. Martha Gudelsky The Honorable Sidney Kramer


Mr. Milton (Sonny) Clogg '48  

* = commencement speaker
^ = posthumously

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