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Computer Science and Information & Interactive Technologies

Computer Applications Courses

Below is a list of Computer Applications Courses offered at Montgomery College. Each course is linked to a sample course syllabus.

List of CA Department Courses
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Course Number
Course Name
CA 100 Keyboarding Fundamentals Keyboarding & Admin Skills 
CA 106  Computer Use and Management Basic Computer Skills (preparation for Microsoft Office and other computer usage) 
CA 120   Introduction to Computer Applications Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel & Access)
CA 125 Introduction to Flash Gaming
CA 141  Introduction to Database Applications Microsoft Office (Access)
CA 190 Introduction to Game & Simulation Development Internet & Gaming
CA 195 Building Game Worlds: Mods, Level Design & Quality Assurance. Gaming
CA 225 ActionScript for Web Publishing and Gaming Internet & Gaming
CA 232  Word Processing Applications Microsoft Office (Word)
CA 240  Advanced Database Applications Microsoft Office (Access)
CA 252  Spreadsheet Applications Microsoft Office (Excel)
CA 269 Computer Applications Internship Internship
CA 272  Professional Web Site Development Internet (XHTML & Dreamweaver) 
CA 273  Advanced Professional Web Technologies Internet (Advanced XHTML & Dreamweaver)
CA 274  Web CMS and Content Strategy Internet (E-biz, Security & Administration)
CA 276  JavaScript Fundamentals Internet (JavaScript)
CA 277  Advanced JavaScript Internet (XML)
CA 278  Web Application Development Using ColdFusion Internet (ColdFusion & Access)
CA 282 Web Application Development Using PHP and MySQL Internet (PHP & MySQL)
CA 288 Advanced Web Application Development Using ColdFusion Internet (ColdFusion & Access)
CA 299  Web Certificate/Degree Portfolio Internet (Project Management)


Please note that the information provided here is only a guideline and may occasionally be out of date. Official current semester course description language can be found at:

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