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Testing Requirements for Teachers

Most states (including Maryland) have testing requirements as part of their teaching certification process.  In general, there are two levels of testing: One is the basic skills requirement and the other is the subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills test or tests.

The basic skills requirement provides evidence of essential skills in reading, writing and mathematics.  This requirement must be completed before earning the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree at Montgomery College.  There are multiple tests which may be used to meet the requirement:  SAT, ACT, GRE, Praxis I PPST and Praxis Core.   All four-year schools in Maryland require completion of this testing measure before entering the professional portion of the teacher education program.  The basic skills test is also required for acceptance into Master of Arts in Teaching programs or alternative certification programs.

The Praxis Subject Assessments measure subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills. These tests are taken toward the end of a bachelor's degree program in education.  They are also used as part of both entrance and completion requirements for Masters’ programs or alternative certification programs. The American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) also offers written and oral proficiency examinations in World Languages such as French and Spanish, and these tests are an option to the Praxis Subject Assessments for many programs.

Click here to print a testing information summary page.

What score must I earn to meet the basic skills requirement?

The current tests, with appropriate passing scores, are listed below:

  • ACT composite score of 24; OR
  • SAT math and verbal/critical reading total score of 1100; OR
  • Praxis I PPST taken before September 1, 2014, composite score of 527; OR
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills Tests, reading 156, writing 162, mathematics 150 (must pass each part separately)

What if I took the Praxis I PPST test and passed some parts, but not all?

Individuals who have earned passing scores on any of the Praxis I PPST tests may complete the remaining requirement(s) through Core.    

praxis p1When should I take my basic skills test if I have not already completed it?

Students should generally attempt either the SAT, ACT or Praxis Core after they have completed at least their first mathematics course requirement and no later than the time they have completed 30 semester credits at MC.  However, students are encouraged to take the tests as soon as possible, as the content on the test should usually have been covered in high school coursework.


Test Name ACT SAT Praxis Core
Areas tested

Math, Reading, Science and English

(writing optional and not required for AAT)

Critical Reading, Mathematics Math, Reading and Writing

2 hours and 55 minutes

for all four tests 

 (with no essay)

70 Minutes per test section--short breaks in between

Math: 85 mins. 

Reading: 85 mins. 

Writing: 100 mins.

Price                       $46.00                                            46.00 $90 for a single test, $150 for combine tests
Passing score

24 Composite

(combined score between four tests)

1100 total on reading and math only

Math: 150 

Reading: 162 

Writing: 156             

 Must pass each test individually-
No composite scores!

How often is test given? Only six times a year (September, October, December, February, April, June) Seven times a year (October, November, December, January, March, May and June) Frequently- monthly
How do I register?

Registration deadline: About a month before the testing date

Registration deadline: About a month before the testing date


Continuous test dates: Up to a week before the test

Are testing accommodations available?

(Contact an advisor in the Education Department to begin the process for requesting accommodations.)  

Yes, but only for students with documented disabilities Yes, but only for students with documented disabilities

Yes, for both students with documented disabilities and for students whose primary language is not English (PLNE).  

How do I start to prepare?




Mathematics praxis/pdf/5732.pdf





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