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Roles & Responsibilities

Committee Co-chairs
Subcommittee Co-Chairs
Activities and Physical Space Subcommittee
Communications, Marketing, and Research Subcommittee
Professional Development and Recognition Subcommittee
Service Creed Subcommittee

Committee Co-chairs shall:
  • Ensure the Committee achieves the goals and objectives of SOS through its work as stated in the SOS Committee Charge.
  • Provide work plan and monthly status reports to the President, as well as regular reports  to the President’s Executive Council, Cabinet and other collegewide groups as requested.
  • Interface with other College units – Facilities, CPOD, Employee Engagement – about issues discussed by SOS which may intersect with work objectives or activities of those units.
  • Serve the subcommittee chairs as resource team members; review and advise on deliverables as needed.
  • Review and approve communications regarding SOS and its work prior to distribution.
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All Subcommittee Co-chairs shall: 

Convene at least monthly with subcommittee members to work on subcommittee tasks related to Service Outreach and Support; provide updates and obtain guidance from the SOS chairs as needed.

Attend monthly subcommittee chair meetings scheduled by SOS Committee co-chairs to review strategies and progress towards objectives and ensure consistency in approach.

Provide reports on subcommittee activity at the full SOS committee meeting.

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Activities and Physical Space Subcommittee (Co-chairs Stacey and Jacki)

The role of the Activities and Physical Space subcommittee is to identify strategies and activities for ensuring a welcoming atmosphere and familiarity with the work of central offices.  Suggested objectives include:

  • Through informal surveys of building occupants and users of the MKE building, and through personal observations, identify physical attributes of the MKE building - and other central administrative office - that either impede or enhance access to service and creation of service-oriented environments.  The committee’s Facilities liaison member will serve as a conduit to convey information about planned facilities renovations to the subcommittee, and to communicate to the Facilities Office information that is gleaned from the subcommittee’s work.
  • Identify ways in which central offices may model “welcoming” practices and encourage MC internal “customers”  to learn more about the operations and functions of central service offices.
  • Identify “best practices” of internal customer service.
  • Recommend and organize activities like open houses, picnics, visits to campuses, etc. to encourage greater interaction and integration between campus clients and central office staff.
  • Create project plan(s) including timeline, needed resources, and expected outcomes for implementation for recommended activities.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of planned activities through participant surveys, focus groups or other mechanisms.

Proposed timeline:   Physical environment assessment - comments to Facilities by end of May (Fast Track item); Activities plan completed by July 29, 2011 with activities commencing by Professional Week.

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Communications, Marketing, and Research Subcommittee (Co-chairs Tina and Denise)

The role of the Communications and Marketing Subcommittee is to ensure transparency about the work of the SOS Committee through open and frequent communication with the College community. Suggested objectives include:

  • Regular communications to the College community through Inside MC Online – to be prepared and submitted to Co-chairs for review and submission.
  • Serve other SOS subcommittees by assisting with communications efforts related to their specific subcommittee activities.
  • Creation of SOS website for providing regular committee updates, opportunities for feedback, etc.
  • Identify and implement variety of methods for collegewide discussion of SOS activities – open forums, brown bag sessions, web chat or social media sites, etc.  - to garner input as needed for creating, reviewing and implementing  proposed SOS initiatives.
  • Identify and implement practices for “branding” SOS activities and strategies for creating a positive “buzz” about the work SOS.
  • Research other successful internal customer services models and how the activities were communicated and promoted to ensure success
  • Develop communications plan that includes introduction of SOS to the college community and full scale “roll-out” of SOS activities to the College community as they occur.

Proposed timeline:  Inside MC communications – draft of introductory communication for college community within two weeks (Fast Track item); full communications plan should be completed by July 1 for review and then revised and updated as needed throughout the year; website by end of July.

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Professional Development and Recognition Subcommittee (Co-chairs Debra and Marci)

The role of the Professional Development and Recognition subcommittee is to identify Professional Development needs;  and work closely with CPOD to recommend and implement strategies that provide training and mentorship opportunities for achieving excellence in service, outreach and support.  In addition, the subcommittee will identify mechanisms for recognizing excellence in internal customer service.  Suggested objectives include:

  • Gather and disseminate information about existing training and mentorship opportunities at the College that are focused on excellence in service.
  • Identify and as possible, implement strategies for recognizing and rewarding excellence in internal customer service.
  • Identify successful training and professional development practices at other organizations that may be useful to consider for adoption.
  • Identify potential obstacles to implementation of successful training practices and recommendations for overcoming these challenges.
  • Recommend implementation strategies for ensuring support of professional development opportunities in this arena (See Employee Engagement Survey for some suggested strategies).

Proposed timeline:  Plan for Professional Development and Recognition completed by July 29, 2011.  Implementation of initial activities by Professional Week.

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Service Creed Subcommittee  (co-chairs Kevin and Janet)

The role of the Service Creed subcommittee is to create an internal “customer bill of rights” - a Service Creed – which articulates what any MC community member should expect when being served by central administrative offices.  Although the emphasis is on Central Administration, the Service Creed should be something that can readily be adopted by all service offices at the College for ready implementation.  Suggested objectives include:

  • Review of successful service creeds from other community college or higher education institutions or organizations with renown customer service practices.
  • Obtain  feedback from a wide representation of MC constituents about what should be included in such a creed.
  • Draft Service Creed.
  • Recommend strategies for effective collegewide implementation of Service Creed.

Proposed timeline:  Draft Service Creed to be prepared  by July 29, 2011 for administrative review and anticipated  “roll-out” at Fall opening.

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