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Each Career Cluster has an advisory board, called a Cluster Advisory Board or CAB, that has representation from industry, Montgomery College faculty, Montgomery County Public Schools teachers and administrators, and students.  In some cases, where there is no direct link to the secondary school systems through articulated programs or courses, or in cases where accrediting boards require independent advisory structures, Industry Advisory Groups, or IAGs, were created.  Similarly, the IAGs are made up of secondary and post-secondary partners, students and industry.

The purpose of the advisory structures is to advise educational partners on curriculum, changes in industry trends, and to help create partnerships that benefit our students.  Some CABs/IAGs are able to offer scholarships to students; others may donate equipment or hold fundraising events.

Both the Cluster Advisory Boards and the Industry Advisory Groups report to the Montgomery County Collaboration Board, which is made up of the presidents of the CABs/IAGs.  The MCCB meets quarterly and provides updates and reports to the Board of Trustees at Montgomery College, The Board of Education of Montgomery County Public Schools, and governing boards at the Universities at Shady Grove. 

Montgomery County Collaboration Board Website

The chart below outlines the structure of the Montgomery County Collaboration Board.           




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