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9.4  Add/Edit a Sub Menu

Example sub-menu (multiple links indented under a link):

example submenu

  1. Go to the content folder where the left menu is stored.
  2. Select Menu from the View menu.
    sub - content folder

  3. Select the left menu.  The menu opens.
    sub- left menu

  4. Mouse over the menu folder name and click Add.
    sub- add

  5. Select Submenu.
    sub - add submenu

  6. In the Add Menu window, enter a title for the sub menu.  This title will appear as the name of the top link in the submenu.  
    sub - title 
  7. Click the Advanced Settings link and insert the target URL for the top link in the submenu.
    sub - url link

  8. Click Save.  The top submenu link is added.

  9. Mouseover the submenu title to see the options for adding /editing menu items (links) indented underneath this title. 
    sub - mouseover the submenu title

  10. Add links to the submenu, following the steps for adding internal page links (Content Item) and/or external page links (External Hyperlink).  These links will appear indented under the top submenu link added in step 6 above.

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