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Welcome to Printing at Montgomery College

New Technology...Less Paper!

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Click the links below for Printing at MC Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was this system implemented at the College? 17. Why doesn't the print kiosk read my print card?
2. Why do I need a WEPA account? 18. Can I close my WEPA account? Will any remaining balance be refunded to me?
3. How to get a WEPA account? 19. How do I get a refund or contact WEPA for support or help? 
4. What are other Printing Options at MC? 20. I submitted my request to WEPA for a refund, where do I see the refund?
5. How do I register for WEPA? 21. Can I print from my laptop?
6. Is the Username field case sensitive during the login of a WEPA kiosk? 22. How do I download the WEPA print driver to my laptop?
7. How do I reset or change my WEPA account password? 23. Where can I retrieve my print jobs to print?
8. Where are the WEPA Kiosks Located on campus? 24. Do I have to print right after I send the job?
9. How do I know which Kiosk to use? 25. Once the job is printed, can I print it again? 
10. Will the computer workstations with a WEPA printer driver be labeled? 26. How long is my job kept in the cloud? 
11. What documents or file-types do the kiosks support? 27. How will I print double-sided from the PC’s at the labs or the libraries? 
12. How do I pay for the print? 28. If I send the job from MC computers, can I print the job from U. of Maryland?
13. What kind of credit cards WEPA accepts? 29. Why can’t I download the WEPA driver to my MAC?
14.  If I do not want to sign up for a WEPA account can I pay another way?  30. What can I do to help the College conserve paper?
15.   Can I add value to WEPA print card?  31. Why does WEPA charge me $0.34 for printing 3 pages?
16. Can a remaining balance on a WEPA card be transferred?
For questions specifically about the WEPA system and how to operate, please CLICK HERE
(will open a new window to FAQ at

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