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Montgomery College Office of the President

2011 Mission & Vision Review Task Force

Montgomery College 2011 Mission & Vision Review Task Force

The Mission & Vision Review Task Force met its charge and responsibilities in June 2011. This site details the process of its efforts.

Newly adopted Mission, Vision, & Core Values as of June 2011

Meeting in May


Introduction to the Project
Mission Statement Adopted in 2000 
Project Outcomes
Charge and Responsibilities


Introduction to the Project

Middle States Commission for Higher Education requires an institution’s mission to clearly define its purpose within the context of higher education and indicates who the institution serves and what it intends to accomplish.  The Commission also expects the mission statements to be characterized by a sense of vision that, while not immutable, nonetheless represents a long-term statement of institutional values and direction around which human and fiscal resource allocation decisions can be made.  Therefore, it is in accordance with 2008 Middle States Self-Study Review recommendation that Montgomery College embarks on the process of reviewing its Mission Statement and institutionalizing a Vision Statement.  Together, the Vision and Mission Statements will provide the strategic direction and enable the identification of priorities in time for the FY2013 – FY2015 planning cycle.  

The Vision and Mission Review process will be led by President Pollard and a 26-member Review Task Force with representation from faculty, student, staff, academic and non-academic units, and community and business partners.  

Please call the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at 240-567-7971 for more information regarding the process.

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The Current Mission Statement 
(adopted by the MC BOT on July 17, 2000)

Mission Statement Adopted in 2000

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Task Force Project Outcomes
  • Modify, where appropriate, elements of the current Mission Statement and/or craft a new Mission Statement with the input from the internal and external constituents.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on the language of Vision and Mission Statements.
  • Collect and analyze feedback from the internal and external constituents.
  • Conduct an internal and external environmental scan.
  • Obtain internal and external agreement on the new Vision and Mission Statements.
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Task Force Charge and Responsibilities
  • Review the College’s Vision and Mission Statements and, where appropriate, make recommendations regarding changes by the end of the Spring Semester in 2011.
  • Propose a Vision Statement and a revised Mission Statement that define the core purpose of the institution.
  • Outline a communication plan for engaging the internal and external College community in an exchange of views regarding the proposed Vision and Mission revisions.
  • Solicit and respond to feedback and input from the internal and external College
    community and articulate a Vision Statement and Mission Statement that will lead to
    broad understanding and support.
  • Review environmental scan data to determine gaps and align services.
  • Begin the process for developing and articulating long‐term Collegewide Strategic Directions for the FY 2013 Planning Cycle.
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