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Articulation Agreements

Glossary of Transfer Terms

ARTSYS  ARTSYS is the articulation system that facilitates the "transfer of students from one institution of higher education to another." 
Enrollment AgreementsEnrollment Agreements provide MC students with the opportunity to be admitted to, enroll in and/or afford to attend an accredited four-year institution. These agreements may include application fee waivers, guaranteed admission, scholarships, priority registration, guaranteed housing, a designated academic advisor, special orientation programs, transfer credit, honors program, etc. There must be a unique benefit for MC students or in addition to normal opportunities. 
Institutional Articulated Pathway AgreementsInstitutional Articulated Pathways identify the direct course-to-course, degree-to-degree, or outcomes-to-outcomes based transfer of credits between MC and an accredited four-year institution. These agreements must promote associate degree completion and result in a transfer pathway for advising and degree audit purposes. Agreements may result in a bachelor's degree (2+2 or 3+1), or a bachelor's and master's degree (2+2+2). An Institutional Articulated Agreement will be developed when an institution agrees to an exception of how coursework is transferred. An individual agreement must be signed for each major-to-major pathway. 
Recruitment and Marketing MOUA Recruitment and Marketing MOU is required when a four-year institution wants to recruit MC students. Opportunities such as a joint publication, highlighting an institution in print or online, providing space for an information session or campus visit and the sharing of data will require the completion of this MOU. 
Career Programs A curriculum designed primarily for direct entry into the workplace upon completion, although some do also provide alternatives for extension into a 4-year degree.  Examples: Advertising Art, Landscape Technology, or Microcomputer Repair. 

Also called "Program of Studies".  A set of required and elective courses designed to meet specific career or transfer goals, and leading to some degree or certificate upon successful completion.  Curriculum descriptions typically lay out not only the list of courses required, but also the order in which some of them should (or must) be taken (pre-requisites, and/or co-requisites).


Official confirmation by the institution that you have successfully completed an extended program of studies.   Traditional 4-year undergraduate programs lead to the Bachelor's Degree.  Montgomery College offers 2-year Associate degrees in Arts, Science, and Applied Sciences -- some designed as direct preparation for immediate entry into a career, others for transfer into a 4-year program upon completion.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) This degree recognizes mastery in the liberal and fine arts and is intended for transfer to equivalent bachelor of arts programs at four-year schools.  The A.A. is awarded in arts and sciences, business, computer gaming and simulation, computer science and technologies, and general studies. Tracks within these programs allow students to focus their studies in specific areas (for example, arts and sciences program-music track).
Associate of Science (A.S.) This degree recognizes mastery in science or technology with a heavy emphasis on undergraduate mathematics or science and is intended for transfer to bachelor of science programs at four-year institutions. The A.S. is awarded in engineering science, nursing, and science. Tracks within the engineering science and science programs allow students to focus their studies in specific  areas (for example, engineering science program-aerospace engineering track). 
Associate of Applied Teaching (A.A.T.) This degree recognizes mastery in a core of professional education coursework and fieldwork experiences appropriate for the first two years of teacher preparation. The program is intended to prepare students to transfer to an early childhood, elementary, or secondary education program at a four-year college or university in the state of Maryland.
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) This degree recognizes mastery of vocational-technical occupational skills and is intended for those seeking immediate employment opportunities. Students may still transfer eligible courses to four-year institutions offering upper-division programs in related areas. Tracks within some A.A.S. programs allow students to focus their studies in specific areas ( for example, graphic design program-illustration track). 
Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.) This degree recognizes mastery in the professional arts and in programs that have as a primary goal transfer to a B.F.A. program, are similar to the first two years of a B.F.A. program, and require at least 60 percent of the course credit to be in studio work and related areas.  The college offers two A.F.A. degrees: graphic design and studio art.           
Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment Programs (DEP) provides opportunities for qualifies HS juniors  and seniors to earn college credit through one of several dual enrollment programs offered in the High Schools and at Montgomery College.  In addition, DEP coordinates college readiness testing in high schools throughout the county. 

A course in which the student has some choice or selection -- as distinct from a course that is absolutely required in a particular curriculum.  In many cases, "electives" may be limited within categories -- as for example to satisfy General Education requirements where some elective credits must be taken from Humanities, others from Arts, others from Science, etc.

Transfer Program

A two-year curriculum that is specifically designed to prepare for transfer with minimal loss of credits as the first half of a Bachelor's degree program.  Montgomery College has many curricula articulated for smooth transfer to four-year programs, especially with University of Maryland system institutions.

Transfer Partnership Program

Transfer partnership programs are dual enrollment programs designed specifically for MC students who desire to complete a Bachelor's degree at one of MC's partner institutions.  Special arrangements have been made with accredited four-year partner institutions allowing MC students to receive incentives and benefits including, fee waivers, transfer scholarships, guaranteed admission, early advising and orientation programs exclusively for transfer students, early registration, and discounted courses for MC students.

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