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Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE

Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE



I am currently finishing my 12th year as chair of the engineering department at Montgomery College. We provide the first two years of the engineering curriculum for over 1400 full-time and part-time engineering students, about 120 of whom transfer each year to such schools as University of Maryland, RPI, Georgia Tech, and MIT. Throughout my 30 year tenure as a professor and department chair at Montgomery College, I have been a strong advocate for engineering education at both the college and K-12 levels. I have been actively involved in several educational initiatives, one of which, "College Institute", has been designed to bring the freshman engineering courses into local high schools. The College Institute is a unique partnership between Montgomery College and the Montgomery County Public School System in which high-achieving high school seniors are able to prepare for college by taking college-level credit courses in the environment of their own school buildings. This program is now in its ninth year and has proven to be a rapidly growing and extremely successful program.





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