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Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE

Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE



I am currently the Collegewide Dean of Science, Engineering & Technology at Montgomery College, a position I have assumed since August 14th, 2014. I finished in August my 14th year as chair of the Physics, engineering & Geosciences department at Montgomery College. Our division provides the first two years of the engineering curriculum for over 1500 full-time and part-time engineering students, about 150 of whom transfer each year to such schools as University of Maryland, GWU, Georgia Tech, and MIT. Throughout my 32 year tenure as a professor, department chair and collegewide dean at Montgomery College, I have been a strong advocate for engineering education at both the college and K-12 levels. I have been actively involved in several educational initiatives, one of which, "College Institute", has been designed to bring the freshman engineering courses into local high schools. This program is now in its 14th year and has proven to be a rapidly growing and extremely successful program.





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