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Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE

Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Ph.D., PE



  • “Montgomery College Engineering Ambassadors and Teachers (M.E.A.T) Program for K-12 students”, Kehnemouyi, Abanulo.  ASEE annual conference and exposition, Indianapolis June 2014
  • “The Value of ASEE Membership Especially Relate to Faculty at Two-Year Institution” Kehnemouyi, Walter W. Buchanan, Texas A & M.  ASEE  Mid-Atlantic conference, New York, April 2013
  • “A Successful Engineering Program Story” , Kehnemouyi, Hou.  Poster session at Stemtech conference, Atlanta October 2013
  • “Engineering your future project for High School Students”, Kehnemouyi, Abanulo. ASEE annual conference and exposition Austin, June 2009
  • “Use of 3D Printing in Teaching Engineering Design”, Kehnemouyi, Schuster,  Zhang
  • “Bringing Engineering to High School Honor Students”,  Kehnemouyi, Storck, Sharon, ASEE Global Colloquium, Sydney, Australia, Oct 2005
  • "The Value of ASEE Membership Especially Relate to Faculty at Two-Year Institutions", co-authored along with Prof. Walter W. Buchanan, Texas A & M, ASEE, April 2013
  • Introduction to Engineering Design Laboratory Manual (Montgomery College, August 1997)
  • Introduction to Excel 4.0 for Windows, Student Manual (Technical Assistance & Training Corporation, January 1993)
  • Role of Electronic Spreadsheet in Mechanical Engineering (ASME, September 1992)
  • Thermal Performance Characteristics of a 208 PGA Package as a Function of Design Parameters (Applied Computations, Inc., September 1992)
  • Stress Distribution on the Silicon Die (Applied Computations, Inc., August 1991)
  • An FEA report on the mother board summarizing the stress distribution as a function of the resonant frequency (Applied Computations, Inc., March 1997)
  • Life cycle analysis comparing the fatigue life of TQFP solder joints with copper and alloy 42 lead frames (Engineering Analysis Technology, March 1997)



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