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3.3  Insert a Table

Use a table to display tabular data. 

To insert a table, follow the steps below: 

  1. In Edit mode, click on the Insert Table icon.  The Insert Table dialogue box will open.
    Insert table
  2. You may edit the following fields:
    • Size: Rows and Columns: Enter any number of rows and columns
    • Layout: Width as Percent = % of Content Area; or Width as Pixels = size in absolute pixels (the main content area is fixed at 700 pixels).
    • Horizontal Alignment: Selection of left, center, or right will cause the table to snap to those respective locations within the content area.

      Insert table options

  3. When finished, click OK in the upper right of the dialogue box.
  4. To edit the width of an individual column, right-click on a cell and select Cell Properties.  The Cell Properties dialogue box opens.
  5. In the Cell Properties dialogue box, modify any of the following items: width (select either percent or pixels), word wrap, alignment.  Then click OK.


PLEASE NOTE:  In edit mode, the table will appear with light gray gridlines.  However, on the staging and production sites, the table will automatically display alternating row colors -  blue (on odd numbered rows) and white (on even numbered rows).  See the .edu style guide for details on how to modify the table row colors (PDF - 1.7 MB).  

Alternating table row colors

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