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The Psychology Department at Germantown

Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  Can I major in psychology at MC?

We do not have an official major in psychology at MC.  Students who are interested in majoring in psychology typically have “General Studies” as their major and elect to take a number of courses in psychology to prepare them for the continuation of their degree at a four-year institution.  Working with your counselor is an important step to finding out which courses fit your schedule and will transfer to the college or university you intend on applying.

2.  Can I take any course offered in psychology?

As long as you have completed General Psychology (PY102) with a grade of “C” or better, you can sign up for any additional psychology courses.  You may benefit from reading a brief description of our available courses and/or meeting with a faculty member and or academic counselor to discuss which course(s) may suit you best.

3. What should I expect if I want to pursue a career in psychology?

A major in psychology offers each student the opportunity to use their knowledge and education in many fields.  Psychologists work in the government (e.g., FBI, CIA), education (e.g., college, high school), research, hospitals as well as clinical practice.  The American Psychological Association (APA) has a great article that summarizes the career opportunities within the field.  You can access this article here.

4. What classes in psychology are offered at Germantown?Students4

We offer a wide variety of courses at Germantown.  Take a look:

General Psychology (PY102)

Human Growth and Development (PY203)

Introduction to the Psychology of Personality (PY204)

Psychology of Human Sexuality (PY206)

Psychology of Women (PY207)

Social Psychology (PY211)

Criminal and Legal Psychology (PY213)

Child Psychology (PY215)

Adolescent Psychology (PY216)

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (PY221)

Cultural Psychology (PY224)

Educational Psychology (PY227)

Check with the most recent course schedule to see if a course listed here is offered during the semester you are registering.  Most of these courses are offered each semester, however, there are times when one course is only offered during either the spring or fall semester.

5. When do classes start?

Fall classes (September through December) usually start around the last week of August or the first week of September.  Spring classes (January through May) usually start around the last week of January.  Summer classes are divided into sessions.  Summer session 1 usually begins the week of Memorial Day.  The second summer session begins during the second week of July.  These dates are subject to change.  For the most accurate starting/ending dates, please check the College's academic callendar found here.

6. Does the Germantown campus offer any online courses in psychology?

Yes!  At this point we are offering the following distance learning courses:

General Psychology (PY102)

Human Growth and Development (PY203)

Social Psychology (PY211)

Child Psychology (PY215)

Adolescent Psychology (PY216)

Check in with the catalogue regarding the availability of these courses.  Additionally, the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) has developed a wonderful website that will assist you in becoming acclimated to taking an online course.

7. How can I get involved in the psychology club at Germantown?

Contact Dr. Melissa McCeney to inquire more about the psychology club at Germantown.

8. Does the psychology department sponsor any volunteer activities in the community?

Read more about our activies in the community under "Community Related Activities" found on the left menu bar. 

9. Where can I find my books for classes?

Each campus has a bookstore.  Visit the main MC bookstore webpage to assist you in purchasing your texts.  The bookstore in Germantown is located in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) building next to the cafeteria.  Their contact number is 240-567-5302.  Additionally feel free to check out their website.  

10. How do I contact my instructor?

You can contact your instructors through their email (see: “Our Faculty”).  Additionally, you can visit them during their office hours (contact each instructor for their hours of availability).  Feel free to stop by the main office in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) building, room 138 (240-567-7746), to find out about a particular faculty member’s office hours.

11. I have a paper for my psychology course and am having difficulties.  Can I get help?

Yes!  A good first step is to meet with your instructor to clarify any questions you may have.  If the assignment seems unclear to you, it will help to get your instructor’s feedback.  Our campus also offers additional assistance at our Library and Writing Center.  Both of these departments are located in our Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) building.  

The Germantown Writing Center is staffed with faculty who are extremely helpful (they are even opened on Saturdays!!!).  You can meet with a member of the Writing Center staff to review your assignment requirements, outlines and/or drafts.  For more information about the Writing Center at Germantown visit their website or give them a call (240-567-1930).

The Germantown Library also offers a number of resources to help with your paper.  The library staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with assistance in researching your topic.  They can assist you in finding journal articles, books and reference materials that will help start your paper.  Their website also offers tutorials and handouts on topics such as plagiarism, APA-style citations and references.  In many cases the library staff has previous knowledge of your instructor’s assignment and can help you find assignment-specific material. 


12. I am transferring to a four-year school and want to major in psychology.  What should I expect?

Congratulations on the acceptance to your new school!

One of your first goals should be to meet with an academic counselor at your new school.  Depending on where you are going, this “counselor” may actually be an instructor who you may have for a psychology class.  At that point you will be discussing your declared major and the school’s requirements to graduate with that major.   You will notice that you will be taking more psychology courses (at least one a semester).  You may also notice that the workload for these courses increase as you advance in your third and fourth year. 

Get to know your instructors!  Set up an appointment to meet with them or start a chat with them before or after class.  They have most likely been in the field for a number of years and can assist you in your discernment of your future in psychology. 

By the way, we’re always here…come back for a visit!





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