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Montgomery Scholars Honors Program

First Year 
Sophomore Year 

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At the heart of the Montgomery Scholars program is a general studies curriculum designed to fulfill many of the general education requirements at Montgomery College and prepare you for transfer to a four-year school. Montgomery Scholars have successfully transferred as anthropology, art, biological sciences, business, computer science, economics, engineering, history, mathematics, political science, pre-med, psychology and world language majors, to name a few!

The curriculum includes thematically linked courses, specially designed for the Scholars Program, as well as limited enrollment honors sections of existing courses.

As a student in the Scholars program, you will learn from honors faculty who are active scholar-practitioners in their fields. And you will be part of a community of honors students sharing common intellectual experiences. A core curriculum, cultural excursions to museums and galleries, on-campus guest lectures, informal gatherings at the Philo-Cafe — and a summer study travel experience - all create a sense of community often missing in the first two years of higher education.

For questions about the Montgomery Scholars Curriculum, please contact the Director, Dr. Mary Furgol, at or 240-567-7285.

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Maryland Association of Higher Education Distinguished Program Award (2001)

Outstanding Program in Fostering Student Achievement Award from the National Council of Teachers of English (2002)

Maryland College Personnel Association Innovative Program Award (2006)

Example of Excelencia Award for accelerating success for Latino Students - Semi-Finalist (2007)

Features in the Chronicle of Higher Education,  the Washington Postthe New York Times and Hispanic Outlook

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First Year   

Interdisciplinary Humanities Core:
Perspectives on World Cultures: History, Thought, and Culture from Early Modern to Postmodern

ENGL202 HA & HB - Introduction to World Literature II (3)
HIST117 HA & HB - World History II (3)
MUSC117 HA & HB - World Music (3)
PHIL101 HA & HB - Introduction to Philosophy (3)
ENGL102 HC - Techniques of Reading and Writing (3)
ANTH201 HC - Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (3)

Core: Perspectives on World Cultures: Early Modern to Postmodern

At the heart of your first-year experience is a year-long, interdisciplinary study of world cultures team-taught by professors from the departments of history, philosophy, music, and literature. In its first year, this innovative course was awarded a National Endowment of the Humanities Focus Grant, which supported faculty research.

This special writing-intensive course folds together four honors Humanities courses: world History II (HIST 117 HA & HB), World Music (MUSC 117HA & HB), World Literature II (ENGL 202HA & HB), and Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101HA & HB). Meeting for six hours every week, Perspectives on World Cultures bridges the gaps that traditionally separate disciplines. We study cultures "in the round" to understand how the world's peoples have forged their different destinies and expressed their visions of reality. Our aim is to give students an appreciation of the rich diversity of the world's peoples.

Today, nobody's education should end at the classroom door. As a Scholar, you'll join excursions to theatres, galleries, and other sites of interest in the Washington metro area. On campus, you'll attend a series of Scholars Roundtables, or perhaps participate in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony!

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Sophomore Year  

Honors Colloquium
Capstone Research Project

COMM108 HC - Fundamentals of Speech (3)
HONR280 - Capstone: Research in the Disciplines (3)
POLI 203 - HC International Relations (3)

Capstone Research Project: From Idea to Expression 
In your second year as a Montgomery Scholar, you will produce your major honors research in the interdisciplinary Capstone Project. Your project may take the form of a traditional research paper, or it may take a nontraditional form, such as the production of a video or a work of art.

To produce results in the world, effective research also requires effective communication skills, both in writing and public speaking. That is why the honors speech course (COMM 108HC) is such an important component of the Capstone Project. While you are creating your research project, you also learn to develop your communication and listening skills, to practice the dynamics of small group discussion, and to master the fundamentals of public speaking.

In the spring of your sophomore year, you will present the results of your research at a public forum, the Montgomery Scholars Capstone Colloquium. You are also encouraged to submit papers to academic publications and to the Beacon Conference, a research consortium for two-year colleges that includes colleges from seven northeastern states. Over the past few years, 108 Montgomery Scholars have been finalists at the Beacon Conference; 43 have won in their category.

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