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General Education Sample Rubrics  

Sample Rubrics to Assess Montgomery College Competencies and Areas of Proficiency;  these rubrics are examples only. 
Disciplines will develop rubrics in coordination with the General Education Committee and Outcomes Assessment

General Education Competencies:

1.     Written and oral communication
2.     Scientific and quantitative reasoning
3.     Critical analysis and reasoning 
4.     Technological competency
5.     Information Literacy

Areas of Proficiency:

1.     Arts and aesthetic awareness
2.     Personal, social, and civic responsibilities

Other Resources

1.   Written and oral communication: the ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written language, the ability to use a variety of modern information resources and supporting technologies, the ability to differentiate content from style of presentation, and the ability to suit content and style to the purpose of the communication.

     Written communication instructional activities and rubrics: Writing in the Disciplines, Montgomery College
Montgomery College's General Education Expectations for Student Writing, 2006-2008
        Written Communication VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
"Don't I have to be an expert in grammar to grade writing assignments?" Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Clearinghouse, Colorado State University.  Other writing links include "How can I avoid getting lousy student papers?" and "How can I handle papers?"
Grading Written Assignments University of Washington.  Instructor's guides to Grading Writing Assignments

    Presentation instructional activities and rubrics:

       Oral Communication Rubric, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College 
       Oral Communication VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
       Sample Presentation Rubric, adapted from Missouri Western University    

2.  Scientific and quantitative reasoning: the ability to locate, identify, collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data and the ability to use mathematics and the scientific method of inquiry to make decisions, when appropriate.

     Scientific reasoning instructional activities and rubrics:

      Developing Scientific Reasoning Skills, The Sourcebook for Teaching Science, Norman Herr
      Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning Rubric, College of Marin, CA
      Scientific Reasoning Module, OpenCourseWare on Critical Thinking, Logic, and Creativity 
      Scientific Reasoning Rubric, Northern Arizona University

     Quantitative analysis instructional activities and rubrics:

    Quantitative Analysis VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU
    Quantitative Reasoning Across the Disciplines, Lynn Narasimhan, DePaul University, IL
    Infusing Quantitative Reasoning Throughout the Curriculum, Carleton College, MN  Examples of quantitative reasoning writing assignments in a variety of disciplines.

3.  Critical analysis and reasoning: the application of higher order analytic and creative cognitive processes to arrive at reasoned and supportable conclusions, to synthesize and apply knowledge within and across courses and disciplines, and to develop creative solutions. 

          Critical analysis / critical thinking instructional activities and rubrics:

          Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
          An Overview of How to Design Instruction, The Critical Thinking Community    
          A Sample Assignment Format, The Critical Thinking Community   
          Achieving Critical Thinking through the Interactive Lecture, The Master Teacher Program
          College-Wide Grading Standards, The Critical Thinking Community  
          Argumentation and Problem Solving (Rubric #5), Texas Western University
          Critical Thinking Psychology Exercises, Andy Geohegan, Longview Community College, MO
          Problem-Based Learning Model, The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

       Creative solutions instructional activities and rubrics:

          Creative Thinking Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
          Creativity Module, OpenCourseWare on Critical Thinking, Logic, and Creativity 
          Creative Problem Solving, Indiana University Bloomington

4.  Technological competency: the ability to use computer technology and appropriate software applications to produce documentation, quantitative data presentations, and functional graphical presentations appropriate to various academic and professional settings.

     Technological competency instructional activities and rubrics:

     Technological Literacy Rubric, Glouster County College

5.  Information Literacy: the ability to identify, locate, and effectively use information from various print and electronic sources. 

     Information literacy instructional activities and rubrics:

       Montgomery College Draft Guidelines for Assessing Information LiteracyInformation Literacy MC Draft 
         Montgomery College Library Resources   Information Literacy – Resources for Montgomery College Faculty 
         Tutorials and Quizzes 
      Information Literacy VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
      Information Literacy Student Learning Activity Packets, Library and Information Access, San Diego State University, 
      Information Literacy and Standards, American Library Association

Areas of Proficiency

1.  Arts and aesthetic awareness:  Students will develop skills and acquire experiences that enable them to value, reflect upon, and appreciate the arts and role of the arts in the human experience.

       Sample Art Rubric, Goshen College, WA
       Cultural and Artistic Values, Rubric #6, Texas Western University

2.  Personal, social, and civic responsibilities:  Students will develop the skills and awareness necessary to live as responsible, ethical, and contributing citizens of the community, state, nation, and world.

       Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU)
       Values/Citizenship/Community Rubric, Sinclair University OH
       Personal Responsibility, Rubric #10, Texas Western University

Other Resources:General Education Rubrics and Competencies 

       General Education Competency Rubrics, Sinclair University, OH
       Teaching Resources, University of California, Berkeley

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