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College Area Review

Program Viability Review

 A goal of academic program review as outlined in the Montgomery College Academic Master Plan is to identify metrics for program continuance, program discontinuance, and new program creation.  The program viability review process will ensure that all programs effectively use the College’s instructional resources, support the College’s mission, and serve the needs of students and the College community.  As part of the academic program review process, programs will be identified for a viability review at the request of the dean, vice president/provost, the College Area Review Committee (CARC), or the senior vice president for academic affairs. The review can occur at the end of regular academic program review cycle or during other designated times.  

The impact on student success, faculty, and resources will vary from program to program.  Streamlined program options will provide students with clearer pathways to completion and transfer.  Program viability decisions will ensure a better use of resources so that the College offers programs that meet students’ educational goals and local workforce needs.  Students who are currently enrolled in a program marked for deletion will work closely with academic program advisors to develop a plan for completing the program.  Specialized non-credit courses and programs will continue through the Workforce Development and Continuing Education unit.  

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