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 Issue #47 Table of Contents: 


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David Wagoner / The Cricket’s Love Song

Lisa Lewis / Mystes

Naoko Fujimoto / At a Station

Katy Gray / Villanelle for a Dying Man

Virginia Hartman / Album

K.M.A. Sullivan / don’t visit gravestones Circadian Rhythm

Chip Livingston / How is it

William Lychack / Hiding Behind My Pretty Writing

William H. Wandless / Coasting for Beginners

Alex Chertok / What September

Merti O’hare / Coma



Elizabeth Spires / Accordion

The Strivers / In My Room

Jill A. Grunenwald / In Ithaca

Jim Daniels / Strobe Light, Basement Party

Peter Kline / At Ardenwood Preserve

Christine Poreba / Rebuilding a House

John Thomas / Rattle

Toni Thomas / Pink—Such a Frittery Color

Christina M. Rau / Against the Logician

J.R. Thelin / Why I Wear Elton John Glasses

Adam Houle / In the Morning, a Miner Contemplates His Girlfriend’s Daybed

Jane Hoogestraat / Wind Turbines in Southern Minnesota

Luke Johnson / Kachemak Bay Water Taxi



Latanya Mcqueen / In the Valley of the Kings

Julie Stielstra / Work in Progress

Virginia Pye / Shelf Life of Happiness

Nelson L. Eshleman / Just Desserts

Christopher Meades / The Video Poker Bar in Vegas

Sheena Cook / What Business is it of Yours if I Love You?

Jason M. Jones / The Bridge

Louise Farmer Smith / The American Mind

Alison Christy / The Scientist’s Daughter

Lyzette Wanzer / There are no koi in the aquarium today

T. Gabriel Ventimiglia / The Death of Tarzan



Peter Grandbois / Driving to Puerto Rico

Laura White Schuett / Monsoon

Tiffany Hawk / Early Departure



Melissa Zetts

In the Movies: Philadelphia Parking

The Apartments and Their Windows


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Montgomery County, MD


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