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 Issue #41 Table of Contents: 


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Javy Awan: Explorer / Explanation 

Larsen Bowker: Black and Yellow Buick Hardtop Convertible

Joyce S. Brown: Trip Home 

Nancy Naomi Carlson: First Sighting / Feel of Dough / Gardener

M. Frost: The Metaphor of Fire 

James Deahl: Yellow-throated Vireo 

Julie Dunlop: The Tollbooth Collector 

Moira Egan: Snow Rondeau

Martin Galvin: Reading the Personals on Palm Sunday / At Their Math 

Amy Glynn Greacen: Grizzly Peak Boulevard Rondeau 

Jeremy Gregersen: Sieve

Jeff Hardin Creekside: As The Day Before So The Day After /

 These Trees And Nearby Hills

A.M. Juster: The Twilight of Words 

Anne Keefe: Puente de Traina 

Robert King: Thinking about that House

Krysztof Lisowski: My Mother’s Dream translated by

Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough

Linda Parsons Marion: Rosemary, For Remembrance 

Elisabeth Murawski: Puella et Puer 

Allan Peterson: We Willingly 

Doug Ramspeck: White Mulberries 

Rebekah Remington: Becoming Suburban 

Jonathan Rice: The Dying Must Inhabit

James Silas Rogers: Edwin Muir’s An Autobiography

Anis Shivani: The Mexicans are Coming 

Joan I. Siegel: This Birthday 

Tim Skeen: It’ll Make You Strong 

D. James Smith: Twin

Rose Solari: Tree House of the Dream Child 

Charles P.R. Tisdale: Forced Smile 

Angela Vogel: American Representation 

Peter Waldor: Ribs

Jennifer Wallace: Honor the Particulars,

Holy and Minute, William Blake 



Herta B. Feely: A Child’s Christmas

MAry Lee Kingsley: Legacy of the Lost 

David Everett: Welcome 

Siobhan Roth: Taking Cover 

Janice D’arcy: Three Wishes



Cynthia Adams: Jumping Shadows 

Michelle Brafman: The #42 

Amina Gautier: Everything in Its Place 

Dave Housley: Fall Apart 

Margaret Karmazin: Maya

Michael Landweber: Confession

Richard Peabody: Day of the White Dragons 

Jim Tomlinson: The Accomplished Son 

Tim Wendel: Follow the Boy


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