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 Issue #35 Table of Contents:


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Michael Broek: Matinee / poem

Mercer Bufter: Aubade for Cupid / poem

Pam Blehert: Disney Got it Wrong / poem

Michael Tolaydo: Early Snapshots from an Actor’s Life / essay

Cheryl Snell: True Love: A History / poem

Faith Reyher Jackson: To Dance, To Soar / essay

Mark Mansfield: Learning How to Foxtrot / poem

Susan Spilecki: Room in New York / poem

Steven Honigberg: A Cellist’s Life at 40 / essay

Taylor Graham: Death and the Maiden / poem

Tom Chandler: Nyack, N.Y. / poem

Ori Z. Soltes: Monologue: Medea’s Journey Home / poem

Molly Smith: Creativity and Crossing Boundaries / report

Fataneh Dadkah: Postrevolutionary Photographs / portfolio

D.C. Gallant: A Show of Community / report

Fay Picardi: Starmaker / poem



Eli Flam: Tools for Living, Tools for Playing



 Alec MacGillis: South Baltimore Spring / poem

D. W. Cunningham: Three Curios / poem

Mark Peebles Brown: The Things We Have / fiction

Jo Neace Krause: Larry Flynt and a Woman’s Body/ report

Elizabeth Huergo: The Eternally Obvious / fiction

Kateri Kosek: Noah’s Wife / poem

Ann Silsbee: Canticle/What the River Brings / poem

Laura Lyster-Mensh: A Memorial to Slavery / article

Martin Ford: The Hidden History of Immigration / article

Robert Earle: Finding My Chakra / essay

Kathe L. Palka: Future Wilderness / poem

Potomacus: Going Native / report

Martha Blume: Invading the Bay / article

Laura A. Jonson: In a Time of White Birds / poem

Gene Logsdon: The Pond Lovers / Excerpt

Ann B. Knox: Road Song / poem

Sandor Kanyadi: What the Pine Saw / poem

Lori Rottenberg: Addition: Arlington, Virginia / poem

Walter B. Norris: Shadow / story

Jodi Bucknam: The Harvest / poem

Robert L. Brimm: Walnut Wisdom / poem

V.P. Loggins: The Last Day of Robert Graves / poem

Hilary Tham: Poetic Justice – Performance Poetry: A Prognosis

Dan Pope: Slicker / fiction

Delilah O’Haynes: Caldfield / fiction

Ander Monson: A Thousand Sunday Afternoons / poem

Judi A. Rypma: Reincarnation / poem

Michael Langley: Yearbook / fiction

Derek Furr: Tabula Rasa / Memoir

Ted Kleine: That Eight Horse / story

Herb Borkland: Close to Home / Review

Peter Krok: Existential Licks / poem

Paul Haenel: Secret / poem




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