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 Issue #33 Table of Contents:  


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SENSES of Peace

Rebecca Goodrich / Crossing Cold Water

Mark Lewandowsky / Breaking the Halibut

Ann Knox / Crossing Alberta with Alberta Hunter / poem

………...../ Alaska, Mid-Winter / poem

Jeffrey Franklin / Facing the Elk/ poem

Susannah O. Mare / Wildness / poem

Roger Atwood / To L & F, Who Fell Through the Ice / poem

Symposium / Is the Skyscraper Still a Good Idea?

Kenneth Carroll / Peace Studies / poem

James Hopkins / 8:46 a.m. / poem

Doreen Baingana / Fallen Fruit

Curtis Smith / Harvest

Ray Eldon Hiebert / Tobacco Barn

Carol Hamilton / On a Quiet Night / poem

Barry Ballard / The Clearing / poem

Frances Kolarek / The Lost Island

Catherine Carter / Wingate, Maryland, Early Evening / poem

Jeff Hardin / Visitation / poem

Jeffrey Hammond / Dry-lander

Adrienne Hand / Message in Stone

Kenneth Ingham / The McDonough Maple

Daniel M. Becker / Garden Party / poem

Jo Neace Krause / Nothing but Idolatry

Walter B. Norris Jr. / Ladyslippers

David M. Burns / A Great Forest

Mary Speth / Tea Olive Genes

Eugene Richards / A Portfolio of Photographs



Wynn Yarbrough / Stanley Kunitz: An Interview

Tim Keane / Lines for an Irish Dancer / poem

Richard A. Allen / Whatever Happened to Poetry?

Hilary Tham / Poetic Justice: Rhyme and Reason



David Nalle / Understanding Jihad

 Saideh Pakravan / The Many Voices of American Literature

Karen Sagstetter / Looking Good

Martin Galvin / Peeling Potatoes / poem

Jessica Soffer / Dismal Toast / poem

Scott Cawood / Hot Biscuits

Resole McCrey / Corey Mesler / Delitescence Visited

Michael Brosnan / Woof / poem

Ediward Allan Faine / A Thousand Worthy Angels

Margo Labovitz / On Being (Very) Old

George Sparling / Four a.m. / poem

Patry Francis / Dorothy and Marie in the Buick / poem

Cheryl Snell / Balancing Act / poem

Richard L. Lyon / Death of a Monsignor / poem

Ori Z. Soltes / The Art of Communication

David W, Henderson / When Silence Falls

Burling Lowrey / Cant

L. Peat O’Neil / Pyrenees II



The Potomac Review Reader:

                Faith Reyher Jackson / Truths to Tell

                Bob Cooperman / Potent Lyric Poetry

                Marilyn Bates / Why Everybody Likes Billy Collins

                Miles David Moore / From Odium to Joy

                Brian V. Jones / Casting Light on Our Capital City

View from Colonial Farm / Wilton Corkern

                On the Potomac

Reflections: Barbara Tufty: Bloodroots

                Woodfrogs & Ice Cores

End Pages: Maxine Combs / Prescription / poem

From the Editor…


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