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Jessica Warnick

Jessica L. Warnick ’86 

Goodbye, Jess

After 39 years, Alumni Association Director Jessica Warnick will retire June 30, 2011.

As I look toward retirement, I can’t help but reflect on the most significant changes to the College during my tenure. When I arrived on campus in 1972 as an employee in the English Department, male students dominated enrollment at 58 percent. Today the gender ratio is nearly even, and students now represent 170 countries.

The Rockville Campus had opened in 1965, but did not add a building until 1984, when it opened the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center with a production of Die Fledermaus. This fall, 27 years later, the Rockville Campus will open a new science center.

I remember when the Germantown Campus opened with three buildings in 1978. The High Technology building was added in 1996. This year we celebrated the groundbreaking for a Bioscience Education Center, which will complement the future Science and Technology Park and Holy Cross Hospital. 

In 2004, it was a joy taking former nursing students through the new Health Sciences Center at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. They were in awe of the spacious labs and classrooms, and state-of-the-art equipment. Two years later, the Student Services Center,
dedicated to former College President Charlene R. Nunley, opened. In December 2009, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center opened with an inaugural performance by Aretha Franklin.

Other changes during my time here include a revitalized MC Alumni Association, establishment of the Montgomery College Foundation, and enriched partnerships with the business community and local organizations. 

I have seen this College grow into a well-respected institution, where students are nurtured and taught to think critically. And while it is inevitable that the College will continue to change, one thing will remain constant: MC will continue to produce exceptional alumni.

Thank you, Montgomery College, for a most rewarding education and career.

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Can I get a discount on tuition as an alumna/alumnus? 
Am I considered an alumna/alumnus of Montgomery College if I did not graduate?

Q: Can I get a discount on tuition as an alumna/alumnus?

A:  As much as we would like to offer this benefit to alumni, the cost would be prohibitive—particularly given the current economic climate. Last September, however, we kicked off a series of free seminars offered to Alumni Association members exclusively. Each one covers a unique topic and is taught by an expert in the field. We also offer member-only courses cosponsored by the College’s Workforce Development & Continuing Education unit. For example, you can rev up your spring cleaning efforts with the “Simplify Your Life” course (March 29, 2011), and keep up with your e-savvy friends after attending the iPod, iPad, iTouch (June 7, 2011) workshop. Keep an eye on our “Alumni Happenings” online for new listings and updates.

(Answered by "Ask Jess" in Fall 2010)

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Q: Am I considered an alumna/alumnus of Montgomery College if I did not graduate? 

A: Let’s start with the typical definition of alumni. We all know that most four-year colleges and universities typically consider only those who graduated an alumna/alumnus. Among community colleges, definitions of alumni differ, adding to the confusion. Here’s what we say: the Montgomery College Alumni Association focuses on graduates and students who have completed 30 credits, but we also include anyone who ever completed a course among our Montgomery College alumni.

Here’s our reasoning: there is no way to measure the impact that 6-, 12-, or 30-plus credits had in changing a student’s life. For many, Montgomery College is the turning point in their education. Many complete the courses they need to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree or to find a new job. So if Montgomery College changed your life, and you want to continue your relationship with the institution, we gladly accept your participation.

If you’d like to become a member of the MC Alumni Association, which entitles you to many benefits, apply online.

P. S. Some four-year colleges and universities are now allowing non-graduates to join their alumni associations. They have learned from their two-year counterparts that there is value in the “all-inclusive approach.”

(Answered by "Ask Jess" in Spring 2010)

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