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Workshop Titles and Descriptons

Creating Fictional Art: Please click on the link to buy tickets Online now!
Robert Olen Butler

The workshop will focus on the fundamentals of the creative process for any fiction writers, beginning or advanced, who aspire to create enduring literature.  We will address such issues as what is art; what is distinctive about the way the artist addresses the world, the inner self, and the objects to be created; and what are the essential characteristics of fiction as an art form.

The Art of the Scene: Please note this workshop is full and closed now!
Alan Cheuse

The dramatic scene is one of the essential components of the modern short story and the mastery of scene-making is something of a requisite for the creation of enlivening short fiction and nonfiction narrative. An intensive workout using exemplary modern short fiction on the art of writing dramatic scenes for stories, nonfiction narrative, and novels.

PROSE TO RACE A READER’S HEART:  Writing thrillers, mysteries, spy novels, noir, suspense and other fictions that transcend their genre:
Please click on the link to buy tickets Online now!
James Grady

Call it a class, call it a road trip, call it an exploration of how to write the kind of fiction you’re most likely to see while walking down the aisle to your seat in the plane you’re boarding.  Sure, speaker James Grady will cover the classic concepts like prose style, tension, suspense, action, but he also wants to take to hear your questions and see what answers emerge.  

"Surprise Yourself! How You Can Write Poems in New Ways: Please click on the link to buy tickets Online now!
Merrill Leffler

We will do hands-on experiments in writing poems––group composition, improvisation, chance operations, collage, and various constructive modes. Participants should bring a poem to share and to work on in a "new" way.

When the memoir knocks on your door - will you answer? Please note this workshop is full and closed now!
E. Ethelbert Miller

Finding the key to unlock the door to the memoir. How does one begin?
How will your story change you?  What secrets must you prepare to tell?
What makes your story different from your neighbor or the writers already
in the bookstores? How do you construct the first and last page of a memoir?
Is there room for erasure?

(Each workshop is limited to 15 registrants)

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