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Current Issue #54 Table of Contents: 

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Ned Balbo / From an Exile in Auden’s Time, Poem

Destiny Birdsong / Emperor of Brown, Poem

Jude Brancheau / A History of Hands, Poem

Janet Buttenwieser / Chief Complaint, NonFiction

Joseph Cassara / Eurydice, Fiction

Noel Crook / Reading Ovid at Buzzard Rocks, Poem

Holly Day / The Last Day/The Other Woman, Poems

George Dila / Samson, Brandon, and Me, NonFiction

Kaitlin Dyer / If We are to Leave, Let's Leave Together, Poem

Nausheen Eusuf / Laundry Hamper, Poem

Kristin N. Faatz / In Flight, Fiction

Corey Ginsberg / An Encounter with the Bottom of my Womanhood, Poem

Eileen Gonzalez / The Book of Jodie, Fiction

David Goodrich / Small Hours on the High Plains, NonFiction

Paul Grams / Against Penetration / Must We Wait on Later to See the Right? Poems

Jeff Hardin / Old Man with a Cane /To Begin/As Much or As Little/What the River Says, Poems

Peleg Held / Estuary, Poem

Ryan Hibbett / Lines for Possum, Poem

Amy Holman / The Exact Heart of Mesopotamia, Poem

Jane Hoogestraat / A Common Land, Poem

Beth Konkoski / A Drawn and Papered Heart, Fiction

Rachel Kubie / The Bodies in the Bridge, Poem

Gerry LaFemina / Arithmeti, Poem

Martin H. Levinson / A Mammoth Lamentation, Poem

Peter Makuck / Names, Poem

William Miller / Hardy’s Soldier/The Bottle Tree, Poems

Dan Moreau / Everything You Ever Wanted, Fiction

Kathleen O'Toole / Sustenance/ Twilight, Ardgroom, Poems

Eric Reymond / Everything Is Breath, Poem

Paige Riehl / Summons, Poem

Jane Satterfield / Inheritance/Off-Hand Elegy, Poem

Mikhail Scherbakov / Returning from a journey, to what I’d long abandoned…translated by Ekaterina Chapiro, Poem

Wendy Scott / History of Ornament, poem

Peter Serchuk / A Day Trip To Ellis Island, Poem

Leona Sevick / Any dog will bite/Zoonosis, Poems

Spencer Smith / Incisor, Poem

Peter P. Sordillo / Classical Electrodynamics, Poem

Dario Sulzman / Father Frequencies, Poem

Kelly M. Sylvester / Adamless Eden, Poem

Savannah Thorne / Hurricane Isabel September/Hurricane Isabel September/Hurricane Isabel September, Poems

Tina Tocco / 21 Days/Promised Land, Fiction

LaToya Watkins / Girl, Fiction

Colleen Wells / Between Two Poles, NonFiction

Kathleen Wheaton / Call It a Night, Fiction

Kathleen Gunton / Cover photographs

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