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Current Issue #56 Table of Contents: 

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Beverly Burch / The Same Medicine

Carole Burns / Other Women

Kerry Donoghue / You and Your Cold Soviet Heart

Will Donnelly / The Fragility of Nesting Birds

Warren Jones / Fine, Just Fine

Timur Jonathan Karaca / A History of Major Wrecks

Jonathan Persinger / Cruciverbalism on the Beach

Abigail Rine / Chaoskampf

John Vanderslice / The Functions of a Story 


Cathy Allman / Untraveled

Agatha Beins / Fruit

Caroline Chavatel / Splintering / Against Wind

Jacob Collins-Wilson / The Sleepers

Andrew P. Dillon / Black is the Color

Julie R. Enszer / Heartbreak

Ed Granger / Gleaners / Limbs

Jonathan Greenhause / Proof of Exception

Elise Hempel / Global Warming

Michael Homolka / Not Thinking about a Greater We

Jane Hoogestraat / The Work of Summer

Andrew Jarvis / The Cloaking

Cindy King / Giacometti’s Men

Elizabeth Langemak / The Dresses

Jennie Malboeuf / Double Star

Cindy Hunter Morgan / Carl D. Bradley, 1958 / Wisconsin

Elisabeth Murawski / Old

Billy Reynolds / The Meaning of Rain

T.J. Sandella / Asylum Pastoral / Found Mantra in the Frozen Food Aisle

Darius Stewart / My Father Walks in Rain with No Umbrella / Delirium Tremens

David Swerdlow / Shulamis Wafts Through the Lush Leaves of the Weed Trees

Adam Tavel / Ode to Imaginary Bill

Corrie Lynn White / To Stay Together

Emma Winsor Wood / Confessional / The Part for the Whole 

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