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Current Issue #55 Table of Contents: 

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Nancy Carol Moody / Adam: The Sequel, Poetry

Leslie Pietrzyk / Someone in Nebraska, Fiction

Deborah Bacharach / Marriage, Poetry

William Cordeiro / Cradlesong, Poetry

Ashley Strosnider / Geometry of Love / Thales, the First Western Philosopher, Poetry

Paul Weidknecht / Portioning of Leaves, Fiction

Darren Jackson / The Dreaming, Poetry

Elizabeth Murawski / Willow, Poetry

Robert King / Another Girl from Delft, Poetry

Cullen Bailey Burns / The Artist’s Mother / Opening a Door / House Finch, Poetry

Linda Parsons Marion / Caught, Poetry

Bryan Shawn Wang / Pre-Cana, Fiction

James Grabill / Breathing Goes On / Intersection, Poetry

Thaddeus Rutkowski / Warts and All, Fiction

Chris Haug / Honey, I will Wash those Dishes, Poetry

Cheryl Diane Kidder / Crossing the Border, Fiction

Louis Maraj / The Older Woman, Poetry

Terry Sanville / Cold Sheets, Fiction

Kate Peper / Art Class, Dark Birds, Poetry

Sarah McCartt-Jackson / She names them (before they are born, Poetry

Mary Collins / Mapping Modern Grief, Non-Fiction

Scott Davidson / Rejected Workplace Safety Memorandum, Poetry

John Matthew Fox / Friendly Valley, Fiction

Jeanne Farewell / It Comes with the House, Non-Fiction

Ken Holland / Ten Seconds of Silence, Poetry

W. Luther Jett / Seamus, Poetry

Paul Dickey / Civilizations, Flash Fiction

Emily Eckart / The Grechtzoar, Fiction

Naomi Thiers / Feral, Poetry

Michael Caleb Tasker / Enough for a Stranger, Fiction

Kate Krautkramer / The Dray, Fiction

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins / Ten Things I Will Not Think About in My Last Seconds of Life, Poetry

Jess Mansour Scherman / Sky Ladder/A lithosphere, bursting and godless, Poetry

Elisavietta Ritchie / Visitations: Two Vultures, Poetry

Ian Breen / Outage, Fiction

Maria Terrone / At Home in the New World, Nonfiction

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