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Current Issue #57 Table of Contents: 

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Rachel Vogel / Gold Standard           

Kurt Rheinheimer / Can’t Cross Over           

Katie Cortese / Back to Nature                                  

Katie McGinnis / Platte

Elliot Sanders / The Vest                                

Max Everhart / Cry on Demand                                

Castagna Ventura / Poetry                                                     

Bob Bledsoe / California Stars                                  

Jason Newport / On Letting Go                                  


M. Shahid Alam / Apple / Uncommon Care                                                                          

Marilyn Kallet / Old Sun / What I Never Had / Almost Laughing                 

ElizabethMcMunn-Tetangco / The Old Dam / Skater                                   

Ace Boggess / The Brain That Wouldn’t Die / Beyond The Time Barrier                             

Bill Christophersen / The Watch                                            

Rebecca Macijeski / Tuesday Morning

Harold Whit Williams / Writing The Same Pome Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results Each Time

Will Wells / A Balancing        

Andrew McFayden-Ketchum / A Brief History of the Living World                         

Cindy Veach / After the First Week               

Emily Alta Hockaday / Laguardia Marina

Heather Dobbins / The Pilot’s Career Chooses Him / The Callback             

Michelle Parker Randall / Nightwatch Alyssum

Rita Quillen / Traveling Through       

Karen Craigo/ Total Knee Replacement                     

Derek Mong / Book of Sex / Book of Sex 2                                                    

Julie Hungiville Lemay / Tosca Lived a Good Life    

Tony Tracy / On the Other Side of Monongahela River                                 

Michael Malan / American Spirit                               

Edythe Haendel Schwartz / Where the Water Speaks           

Felicia Zamora/ We Return Sparkling


Sue Eisenfeld / Outsiders                                           

Gary Fincke / A Short History of Hair           

Kaja Weeks / A Girl’s Singing Nirvana, My Mother’s Voice  

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