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ACHIEVE Your Academic Goals

At Montgomery College, your academic success and achievement of your goals is important to us. The Achieving the Promise Academy is a collegewide academic program that guides you on your path, and keeps you on track to completing your degree. By joining the Academy, you can excel by:

  • Getting targeted academic support and personalized attention for your specific needs from Academic Success Coaches solely responsible for keeping you on track to earn your degree in a timely manner
  • Participating in learning success cohort communities and working with peers who have similar academic courses and/or career interests
  • Receiving financial, academic, and other college resources to help you overcome obstacles to graduating and/or transferring to a four-year institution. 

Faculty Fact Sheet

The Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA) is an academic program created by Montgomery College to support students while they complete their degree. Each student who enrolls into the program works closely with an academic success coach. All coaches are faculty members who have a professional and educational background in the student’s area of academic interest. Coaches partner with students, their professors, and other key stakeholders (on and off campus) to help students achieve their academic goals. VIEW THIS PDF FOR MORE INFORMATION.


"No athlete or musician is embarrassed or reluctant to have a coach; on the contrary, they consider it mandatory. The same should be true of academics. No student should be hesitant to accept from an expert ATPA Student Success Coach the encouragement and coaching to propel them toward academic success. It can give you the 'winning edge." - Richard Scott, ATPA Program Coordinator

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